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BuildAndSendApplicationRecords garbling data with '@' symbols


Hi there,
I've been playing around with you code and have to say well done firstly! I only had to make a couple of minor modifications to the tls and sasl workflow to get it to work with a jabberd test server.
One issue I'm facing at the moment is that when dealing with content that contains '@' symbols, the byte array being sent down the socket is completely garbled and is subsequently rejected by the receiver. This is occurring mainly when trying to use XMPPClient.SendChatMessage()
It will also occur if I set the username to something that contains the @ symbol.
Steps to reproduce:
1. Write the contents of bData to the console inside   XMPPConnection.Send(byte[], int, bool), this will show that it only occurs on specific content.
2. Use something like XMPPClient.SendChatMessage(action=LOCATOR_REQUEST&", new JID(""));
3. Monitor the console and notice the bizzare output which is also being rejected.
If I get some time over the next few days I'll try and find a solution also.


stephen_pegoraro wrote May 15, 2012 at 12:19 PM

Ok, so I've done a bit of poking around and it's not the @ symbol that's causing it which is a start. However, I can't seem to be able to determine a cause to the garbling coming through.

If I remove the first from the message it will work just fine although the message format is incorrect now.

As soon as I add some text after the 'requestor=' bit, it loses it.

Any ideas? The only thing I can think of for some reason is the padding being added before it gets sent to SymmetricTransform.

wrote Feb 14, 2013 at 7:35 PM